Why Tribal Gathering?

On behalf of the leadership team of our “family-of-churches, I would like to clarify the “BIG WHY” of our Tribal Gathering and extend an invitation to you and your friends to come and be a part.

God is an extraordinarily good and generous “Daddy”. After all, Christ called Him “Abba” which is the most intimate term of endearment for “Father”. “Abba” means “Daddy”! Your “Daddy” loves to initiate “Family Gatherings-Celebrations” because He wants to create atmospheres and settings that saturate His children in His love and ways. Great fathers plan wonderful adventures and opportunities for their children. Tribal Gathering is “Daddy’s” gift to you and many others.

Tribal Gathering is NOT a conference. It is a Family Gathering-Celebration that focuses on relationships, but also includes prophetic teaching – like from chris Coursey.  Often, people are just as impacted by the spontaneous and supernatural heart connections they experience between family members, as they are by the teaching.

The Tribal Gathering is a wild and crazy combination of wilderness adventures, spontaneous & intimate relational connections with Christ and others, upgrades in perspectives, supernatural encounters, powerful worship & prayer, rich fellowship, and so much fun! The “Big Why” of our Tribal Gathering is to grow deeper in intimate love with Father & Familyso that together we can advance Christ’s kingdom on earth. 

Rock Tribal Gatherings were created to be a catalyst for three kingdom realities for those who attend:

Revival,  Restoration of the Church into Family, and the Transformation of cities and nations via Christ’s ever-expanding kingdom.  Every planned and spontaneous activity is designed to facilitate a divine encounter, relational intimacy, personal growth, and increased love. Abiding love results in great fruit. Wilderness adventures, for example, allows an opportunity to experience God in His beautiful creation, and playing together tends to help our hearts open up to one another. The meals afford an opportunity to connect and meet new family members.