What is Tribal Gathering?

Many years ago, God told the Body of Christ that he was in the process of changing the understanding and expression of Christianity in this generation. We have come to understand that this means the converging three great kingdom realities:

  1. The revival of the church which recovers a white-hot love for Jesus through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit,
  2. The restoration of the church into a spiritual Family made up of apostolic-prophetically lead “tribes”, church-planting families-of-church families connected in mind, heart, and lifestyle,
  3. The holistic transformation of cities, regions, and even nations as result of the Reclaiming Of Christ’s Kingdom.

Our Tribal Gatherings are a setting in which we try to bring convergence of all three kingdom realities. The pictures are a prophetic “window” into what God is doing in the Rock Tribe, but more importantly in the entire Body of Christ.

There are several experiences we believe will occur. One, we are praying that your faith will be ignited resulting in personal revival, and that you will have a life-changing encounter with God. Two, we are going after corporate revival which will greatly increase our love for Jesus and one another, which then causes an overflow of God’s love and power to a lost and dying world. We will learn more about how to bring the kingdom of God to the cities where we live.

This isn’t a typical conference with an emphasis on well-known speakers. This is more like a family reunion in which we encounter Christ Himself…and grow in our love for each other.

We will encounter God together through worship, prayer, learning, fellowship, love, and play. It is a great opportunity to introduce new people to the Father heart of God and His Family.

Bring your friends…come hungry for a deeper relationship with Jesus and a desire to connect with Family from all over the nation and even other nations.